• Rachel Peterson

A view from above

"Transformative" is a word that has been thrown around often to explain the magnitude of the Garden Gateway construction. From high in the air, the progress is really something to see.

The trusses are up, interior walls are bringing rooms to life, and the expansion of the nature pond is nearing completion. One of the most unique updates is the parking lot. The space, curbing, and planting of what will become the auto garden will not only be beautiful and provide more guest parking, but will bring with it an important environmental element - bioswales. The intentional design of the parking area with the inclusion of bioswales provide a vital management tool for stormwater runoff.

But enough talking... see the progress for yourself with this fun video by Ohio Drone Perspective.

For even more aerial footage, check out this page by K.E. McCartney & Associates, who have been documenting their work here throughout the project so far! Click here to check out their great work.

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