• Rachel Peterson

Construction updates on the Garden Gateway

Kingwood was happy to welcome back the construction crews on May 4 as work was allowed to resume on the Garden Gateway Project although it be under challenging restrictions. Everyone is making the best of a difficult situation and have shown creativity and sensibility in addressing concerns and mandates. Healthy workers have returned, and a safe and productive work environment has been established.

Adjustments have had to be made on all levels, including the much-anticipated grand opening celebrations originally scheduled for July. We plan to announce the new dates very soon once we have a revised timeline.

New plants, trees, and shrubs continue to arrive, and the horticultural staff is eager to begin the plantings. Some equipment and furnishings are being delivered and that creates anticipation to see them placed in their new locations. Finish carpenters are adding unique features and the relocated and refreshed Draffan Fountain is taking shape in its own bluestone terrace.

Dry weather is hoped for so the new Perennial Gardens can be installed in what currently is a very muddy stretch. The new Perennial Pavilion is well on its way to completion. We can’t wait to see the greenhouse-like top set in place!

The staff is busy with Garden Gateway details and decisions while finally being able to open the gates to welcome garden guests, members, and friends. As you visit you will be able to survey the construction progress, but from a distance, of course.

So many things have changed, and are changing still. Much treasured are those few constant things like our shared enjoyment of this exquisite garden estate. Thank you for your support of Kingwood; we appreciate you!

See you in the Gardens!

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