• Rachel Peterson

Fences, fountains, and flowers

What a difference a week can make! If you haven't visited yet this season, you'll definitely see and feel the difference the next time you stop by.

Construction fencing is in place for guest safety and soon a large-scale rendering of the Garden Gateway Center will be displayed at the end of the allée. The rendering will face Kingwood Hall and creates an opportunity for our visitors to visualize the completed result of the project.

There has been incredible progress this week where the excavation team created a real footprint for the future building - but that's not the only change you'll notice.

The beautiful Draffan Fountain has been removed for relocation. Its new home will be nearby and surrounded by a section of the new terrace gardens. Rest assured, it will remain a favorite at Kingwood for generations to come.

You'll also see a lot of movement in the Perennial Garden. Our Horticulture Staff have been carefully removing some plants that will be used in the future design of the Grand Perennial Garden. In future posts, we're excited to share more about the meticulous planning of the new and/or updated garden displays coming with this project. Stay tuned!

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