• Rachel Peterson

Gateway Wednesday - September 16

We are practically one month away from the Garden Gateway Grand Opening! If you haven't checked out our line-up of events, please visit here.

Like any major construction project, this one has been filled with ups and downs, but our commitment has remain unchanged. The finished project will transform a Kingwood visit. It will provide new garden experiences and environmental enhancements while honoring and celebrating our rich history. Construction is messy. If you aren't careful, the dust and inconvenience can make you forget the big picture.

For this week's Gateway Wednesday, we want to focus primarily on the new life this project will bring. Nearly 40,000 new trees, shrubs, and plants are an integral part of the Garden Gateway project. Our Horticulture Team has been working incredibly hard on planting and maintaining the delicate new plant life. Their investment in this project will help to provide garden memories for years to come. As always, enjoy photo updates below!

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