• Rachel Peterson

Gateway Wednesday - September 23

From big picture shots to a bird’s eye view, the details are spectacular and make a difference…

The Perennial Garden continues to take shape with most of the planting completed in the three unique garden styles. A beautiful feature within the Garden is the new Perennial Pavilion where you will soon be able to take respite while immersed in this new setting. This week, blue stone is being hand-cut on site and laid meticulously to create a flooring surface that blends perfectly with the overall look of Kingwood.

Lovely bald cypress trees and their ‘knees’ will greet guests as they enter from the boardwalk.

Storm water management is a key component of the project - from bioswales in the ‘auto-garden’ parking lot to the copper downspouts, brass scuppers and a rain garden moat.

And the move-in of offices will begin on Friday!

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