• Rachel Peterson

Gateway Wednesday - September 9

We've had a lot of visitors since last week's update!

Yesterday, we were excited to head out into the gardens and meet with Austin Eischeid - here to bring his vision for part of the new Perennial Garden to life. Working alongside him, the Kingwood horticultural staff is planting specimens that will reach full potential in about 3 years, but will look really beautiful by next June.

The plants were specifically selected to create an all-season experience that will immerse guests in colors and textures. The new Meadow garden area is planted in blocks and matrixes with grasses melding the areas together. Austin studied under Dutch designer Piet Ouldof to learn this style of gardening that tightly packs in many selected species to create a type of naturalistic prairie that suppresses weeds and attracts pollinators and birds.

Austin is appreciative to be a part of Kingwood’s Garden Gateway project and knows that he is bringing a new way of gardening to our area. He anticipates that it will have a ripple effect as guests choose to duplicate the idyllic meadow in their own gardens.

To see more of Austin’s work, check out the September 2020 issue of Better Homes and Gardens.

We also had the honor of giving a tour to local officials and were visited by Councilwoman Cheryl Meier, Councilwoman Jean Taddie, Councilman At Large David Falquette, Public Works Director Dave Remy, and Mrs. Ann Theaker, Mayor Theaker's wife.

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